L-Sit Lift

***Important Schedule Information: The Friday afternoon (430-530 and 530-630 pm) and the  Saturday morning 830-930 am classes are cancelled this week. CrossFit East Sacramento has extended an invitation to CrossFit VictriX athletes during their regularly scheduled class times on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.***

Workout of the Day for Thursday 01/07/10
Thank you OPT…
7 rounds for time;
5 squat clean thruster
10 toes to bar

Eeach round, the weight for the thruster increases by 10#, it is the athletes responsibility to change the weight per round, toes to bar is part of shoe touching the bar starting from a dead hang; thruster starting weight for guys is 95# increasing to 155# by 7th round, gals starting weight is 45# increasing to 105# by 7th round. Level 2 Men 95-125 (5# increase), Women 45-75#(5# increase). Level 1 Men 45-75#, Women Dumbells.

Tuesday at 4:30 – post WOD

Here is some homework:


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  1. Holy crap…Dave got some real tennis shoes!!! Now he needs some O-shoes!!

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