I am looking to try CrossFit. Do you have anything to help new people get started?
There are two options.

Fundamentals Training
Fundamentals Training is perfect for anyone new to CrossFit or new to working out. Fundamentals training includes 4 private training sessions. Each Fundamentals Training session lasts for one hour and includes basic movement instruction, physical assessment, and a workout. The cost for Fundamentals Training is $100. There is a discount if a group of friends can schedule their Fundamentals Training together. Fundamentals Training is by scheduled appointment only. After completing the Fundamentals Training, most people will be familiar enough with the basic concepts and movements to transition into scaled workouts during the regularly scheduled group classes.

Private Training
Private Training is available by appointment and is a great option for those wishing to receive focused attention for the duration of their workout.
How long is the typical class?
Classes are typically 1 hour in length and include a warmup, skill instruction, workout, and cool down. 
My schedule does not match your scheduled classes, what should I do?
Let us know what time would work for you, if three or more people are interested, it can be added to the schedule. Or, consider scheduling personal training. Schedule personal training with a friend and you both save money. 

Do I have to be in shape first?
You don’t get in shape to do CrossFit, you do CrossFit to get in shape. 

Do you think working out at CrossFit VictriX every once in a while will make a difference?
No, but Maybe.
No. For significant progress, consistently training at high intensity is necessary. You are not doing CrossFit if you are doing CrossFit only once in a while. Dabbling in CrossFit will produce little results, which may end up frustrating and discouraging you – the exact opposite of what will happen if you exercise 4-6 times a week. If you only come to CrossFit VictriX every once in a while, or you get in the habit of  skipping your workouts by taking a week off, you are ‘bad advertising’ because you will not be an accurate representation of the results possible by consistently working out at CrossFit VictriX. CrossFit is about making fitness part of your lifestyle, putting it on your schedule, making it happen, and stop letting your health take a backseat.
However, if you are already following a constantly varied, high intensity, functional fitness program, then maybe a drop in every once in a while will allow you to add the following:
1) Variety. A basic CrossFit tenet is ‘Constantly Varied’. Working out in different locations and environments, at different times, with different equipment, different types of workouts, different people, etc. will prepare you to do better in life. You never know what, when, where, or how life is going to happen. Whatever you can do to mix up the ‘routine’ results in greater GPP (general physical preparedness).
2) Different Workouts. People tend to plan workouts for themselves that they like or want to do. Doing a workout that someone else plans for you eliminates the risk and temptation to continuously train your strengths and ignore your weaknesses. Doing CrossFit VictriX’s workout may help you discover, or force you to spend some time working on, weaknesses.
3) Community. It’s fun to workout with other people and not ‘suffer’ alone. Meeting like minded people who are also working hard to meet their health and fitness goals will encourage you to stay the course.
4) Intensity. Another CrossFit tenet is ‘High Intensity’. It’s only natural, you’re going to push yourself further and work harder around others.
5) Coaching. Having a CrossFit Trainer watch you perform your exercises can help you identify and eliminate any flawed technique or bad habits that may be holding you back or setting you up for future injury.

Chances are, you will find out you enjoy working out more when you are at CrossFit VictriX!


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